Do you offer eye exams?  No, but bring a prescription from any optometrist and we're good to go.  Make sure it's a spectacle prescription, not a contact lens prescription.  

Do you accept insurance?  Yes.  If you have a flexible spending/FSA/HSA account, that works totally fine.  Otherwise, you'll need to submit a receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Contact your insurance company and they will tell you how to do this.  Worst case scenario, you could always purchase a frame here and take it elsewhere for lenses; Labrabbit specializes in frames that you won't easily find elsewhere.

What can I purchase with my FSA/HSA account?  Anything.  Frames, lenses, non-prescription sunglasses...even a gift certificate or store credit for use in the following calendar year.

Do you fix broken eyewear?  No, but we can typically replace lenses and screws.

How much do lenses cost?  There are about a half-dozen variables that affect lens price, so it's difficult to name a price until we have a prescription, frame, and personalized measurements in hand.  Most single vision lenses are around 165/pair and most progressives are around 350/pair. This price includes a thin/light lens resin, 100% UV protection, and a very durable Crizal antireflective coating.  We use excellent quality lenses that most optical shops do not have access to...make sure that you know the 100% exact product when comparing prices.

Do I need to make an appointment?  No, we don't accept appointments, just drop on by.

What's your parking situation?  There's street parking right in front of the shop.  Don't forget to pay for parking, this block is VERY strictly enforced!

What's the best time to drop by?  Weekdays are typically slower, but because Labrabbit is a one-man operation, you never know when there might be a line.  You may need to wait for service.

Can I bring my own frame in to have the lenses replaced?  Yeah, but we need to see it in person before we can make any promises. 

I have a frame I'd like to turn into non-prescription sunglasses, how much does this cost?  $70.  We typically use polarized lenses, and they're available in grey, brown, and green.  We've got a rotating selection of other unusual lenses too, just ask for samples.

What's the turnaround time on lenses?  Typical turnaround time is two weeks, but we can make exceptions on occasion, please call or email for specifics.  We do not provide same-day service.  

Do you sell contact lenses?  No.

Can you adjust a frame that I purchased elsewhere?  No.

What's your return policy?  Frames may be returned within 14 days as long as the original demo lenses are intact.  Due to the custom nature of prescription lenses, all lens sales are final.

I see something on one of your vendors' websites that I'd like to order.  Can you order this for me?  Yes.

Do you work with eyewear for TV/film/video/theater?  All the time.  Feel free to contact us with specific requests.

Is everything you have in stock listed online?  Nope.  Only about 25% of our stock is listed in our webshop, so it's always best to visit the brick-and-mortar shop in person!

We offer the following services:

-Single Vision lenses


-Progressives / "No-Line Bifocals"

-Transitions / Photochromic lenses


-Anti-reflective coatings

-Prescription sunglasses


-Correction for astigmatism

-High-Index lenses